Casey-Westfield Community Unit District C-4 and the Illinois State Board of Education have a policy stating that no medication (prescription or over the counter) can be administered by school personnel without a Medication Authorization Form completed by a licensed prescriber (doctor, Advanced Practice Nurse, or a Physician’s Assistant. ) The only exception to this is cough drops, which may be kept by the student without a Medication Authorization Form. This policy is discussed in the Student-Parent Handbook under “Administering Medicine To Students.” The Student-Parent Handbook can be read at http://www.caseywestfield.org/home/student-parent-handbook and a link for the Medication Authorization Form can be located under the “Student- Parent Handbook” heading.

Parents/guardians must also sign the form, authorizing school personnel to give medication to the student.

If your child's provider changes the medication or dose of medication, we will need an updated Medication Authorization form.

Your provider can also fax the first page of the form to Monroe at 217-932-2816. The second page of the form will need to be signed by you and returned to the school.

If your child needs medication at school, you will need to provide it. We do not provide any medication (even over the counter medication) to students. If your child needs an over the counter medication during school, we ask that you provide a new, unopened bottle or package of the medication.

I will do my best to contact you in a timely manner when your child is running low on medication.

No medication will be kept at the school at the end of the year. Letters will be sent home with your child regarding medication pick up at the end of the school year.